August 8th, 2009


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Jackie tried to be happy at least she was working as a doctor this time, though it didn't seem like Chang recognized her. But Kate as a roommate? They'd been friends once, but things started going bad when Jackie found out Aaron was her nephew. Calls weren't returned, and suddenly Kate was always 'busy'. If Jackie had had a maternal bone in her body she might have understood Kate being worried, but she didn't. Isolated, she'd started drinking, and though Jackie testified for Kate at trial she now had the perfect excuse not to speak to Jackie at all.

It took awhile, but Ben got tired of watching her self-destruct long distance and easily managed to slip into Jackie's life--and didn't that give Kate another convenient reason to avoid her. Now, there wouldn't be any more excuses. Aaron wasn't involved, and if Ben was around, Jackie didn't know what she'd say to him.