Faraday Cage (princessfaraday) wrote in dharmaville,
Faraday Cage

Since Dan is one of  the few people who have knowledge of modern technologies, he is needed everywhere. After a long day of nerve-wracking work, he walks over to the playground and sits down on a swing. He sighs. Life hasn't been good to him. He doesn't really have any hope for it to better, so just doing what he's supposed to do seems the most reasonable at the moment.
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    After a long day of work Sun returns to her house and takes a long shower. It feels great. She makes herself a drink and sits down on her porch.

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    Jackie posted the last of her flyers in the DHARMA rec room. NOTICE: ALL PERSONNEL Please report to the medical station at your earliest…

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    Seems like all work and no play. What's up guys?

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