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dharmaville's Journal

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Community Rules:

1) No Wank. Characters may have arguments, but in no way shape or form can they be driven by a personal vendetta. It causes drama and kills the fun. And you don't wanna be a killer, do you. Nobody likes killers. You will end up with no friends and all the kids at school will mock you. If you do bring up wank, you will be removed from the community. If you feel like there's a problem, stop RP'ing and contact a Mod.

2)Adult Content should be tagged and marked appropriately. This means friends locking. If you do not friends lock adult content the post is subject to deletion. However, a mod will try to warn or notify you beforehand.

3)This is a Lost related community, so that means only characters from the Lost universe can join. However, multiples of one character are allowed. For example: having two Daniel Faradays. If your character is a crack character, please make a notation on your profile.

4) If you want to start up a story arc, run it by the mods. It keeps things organized and prevents confusion from running rampant.

5) While we're on organization, please tag your posts! It doesn't take much time, and saves a lot of trouble for us poor mods.

6) When you join, please report to Dr.Chang here.
(Unless you decide to let your character live outside the Dharma premises or, of course, if you are an Other.)

7) Most of all have fun :)!

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